Dollz Haunted House

In the early 1900s a young entrepreneur established a doll store and factory in an old abandoned warehouse in downtown Dallas. The business soon took off and became well-known for its quality and attention to detail. The dolls were remarkably human-like and sales were brisk.

Before long, business was so good that it became difficult to keep up with the orders. To make matters worse, the company found itself unable to maintain enough inventory of doll parts to meet the demand. With an overwhelming backlog of orders and not enough parts to fill them, the young businessman and his family resorted to drastic measures.

Just a few blocks away from the factory was a large burial ground, and in a moment of desperation, one night the dollmaker crept into the old cemetery under the cloak of darkness and began digging. He wondered if any of the bodies were still "fresh" enough to take body parts from them and use them as replacements for his long overdue inventory.

Sure enough, he found a fresh grave with loose dirt. He was able to dig into the moist earth until he found the casket. After a moment of pause and a quick prayer for forgiveness, he slowly opened the box. Before him lay a beautiful young girl. She looked so peaceful as she lay in repose that for a moment, he was reluctant to snatch her from the grave.

Remembering his obligations at the factory, he pressed on with his plan and hoisted the young girl up over his back and then skirted back to the factory. Once inside, he immediately began his gruesome surgery.

First he cut off one arm and held it up to the torso of his most popular doll. It was a perfect fit! He quickly removed the other arm and went to work attaching both arms to the doll. He toiled for hours making the connection. But finally he stood back, looked upon the finished doll and smiled with satisfaction. He could forget about his troubles getting parts from his regular suppliers. He now realized that a new source of parts was just outside his door!

To ease his guilty conscience, the dollmaker decided to "properly" dispose of the unusable parts by creating his own cemetery within the factory. There was an old unused courtyard within the factory's compound, so he designed and built a lovely private burial ground where he respectfully held funeral services for the dismembered corpses once he was done with them.

Soon he was making dolls at a new feverish pace -- all with body parts snatched from newly dug graves. The dolls were garnering praise from all his customers. They simply could not believe that they were so life-like!

One night he was working late and heard a noise from the factory behind his doll shop. He entered the factory to investigate and was immediately confronted with one of his own dolls standing before him, eyes wide open and moving toward him. He recoiled in horror and ran back into the shop and bolted the door behind him.

He wondered aloud if this could be true. Could one of his dolls actually come to life? Was this like Pinnochio? Or was it more like Frankenstein's monster? Could his use of human body parts have caused his dolls to animate all on their own?

Soon there was a knock at the factory door. He opened it and peered back into the factory. There was no one there. Had he just imagined it? Had he been working too many late nights? Was he going mad?

Suddenly he was jumped from behind by a dozen or more of his dolls. All of them were working in unison, tearing at his clothing and scratching him with their long-dead fingernails. Within moments, the dollmaker had been torn to shreds and died in a bloody heap on the floor of his factory.

Afterward, his family decided to close the factory and shutter the building. They moved away in the middle of the night to avoid the law and have not been heard from since.

Years later, the old abandoned factory still stands as it did then. The old doll shop still displays the handywork of the master craftsman. The interior cemetery still holds the remains of the unfortunate ones he mutilated.

And the dolls remain too.